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Busy parents, executive officers, and seniors with physical disabilities are just some of the people who can benefit from affordable storage services. When you need such services in St. Charles, MO, call me. I own and operate Rafterpacker LLC.

Services I Offer
I offer a professional storage service at fair and affordable rates. Be it basement remodeling, garage shelving, or closet rafter storage installation services that your home organization project involves, I’m the person to turn to.

How I Provide My Services
As an organizer, I work with you to evaluate each of your belongings and help you decide if it should be kept, donated or thrown away. It’s a delicate process, figuring out which of those boxes that are filling up your basement or garage you can dispose of. Even if there is nothing in your home that you want to say goodbye to, you can still free up a lot of space when using a storage service provider. I will help you develop a filing system for your important paperwork, as well as identify your organizing challenges and create systems to maintain a well-organized space.

When Will You Need My Help?
You don’t need to suffer from a chronic hoarding disorder to benefit from the services of a storage utility company. Your busy schedule should not prevent you from maintaining order at home. If your basement, garage, or attic are starting to get too messy, leave it to me to find a place for all the precious belongings you want to keep!

Do you need a custom storage utility built in St. Charles, MO? Just give Rafterpacker LLC a call!

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Client’s Testimonial

by Ronnie Underwood on Rafterpacker LLC
Thank You!

The company was professional and encouraging. For each room, the guy shared many ideas on how to best manage the clutter. I greatly appreciate his advice and all the hard work he put into bringing order to a house that homes 6 kids. I will be more than happy to recommend the services to every busy parent!

Rafterpacker LLC
Address: 1014 Urna, St. Charles, MO 63301
Phone: (314) 853-6715

Or send us sms at: (314) 853-6715

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